martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Beautiful Palace turned into Hotel (“Hotel de La Villa”***) in Rubielos de Mora, Teruel, Spain is now ON SALE.

We are selling a beautiful palace located in the emblematic village of Rubielos de Mora, in Teruel, Spain.
The palace is a neogothic building from the XVI Century, but it was restored back in the XIX Century.
The whole building has been decorated and furnished in a very warm and welcoming way, using the colors and materials belonging to the mountains that surround the village.
We have 13 double rooms and a suite divided in two floors, all of them are exterior, luminous and spacious. Each one is decorated in a unique way, different from the rest. Because of that, each room has its own name.
We also have a café and a restaurant (“El Castillo”) where guests can taste the delicious traditional dishes and an extensive menu of fine cuisine. The restaurant's dining room has large windows overlooking the terrace and private garden. There is also a huge entrance hall in which many activities happen.
Rubielos de Mora is a very ancient village from the XII Century, it´s one of the biggest in the region and it´s been blessed along the years with prosperity and a full range of historic events. To prove the entire cultural (history and art) heritage that Rubielos de Mora contributes to the world, it was winner of the Europa Nostra Prize in 1983. Among all the historical buildings to visit in Rubielos, there are: a church, several arcades and palaces, sculptures, a convent and also an old hermitage.
If we have to choose one of the many celebrations of Rubielos de Mora, we take the Medieval Weekend, celebrated the last weekend of August. There is a medieval market during the day and at night people can enjoy the dinner in which people can taste the flavours of the region, all accompanied by medieval music. The street lighting is replaced by torches located in balconies and windows.

The strong point of the celebrations is the “toro jubillo”, inspired in an old bullfighting tradition with fire that takes place at midnight.

If you are interested in this property, the selling price is 1.500.000 € (one and a half million euros).

For any further information, you are welcome to contact Mrs Carmen Urbano at email:

Contact details in Rubielos de Mora:
  • Address: Plaza del Carmen 2, CP.44415, Rubielos de Mora, Teruel (Spain)
  • Phone Number: (+34) 978 804 640

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